Improve your product photos on eBay

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Improve photos on eBay

If you want to differentiate your item from the competition then you need great photos

Now first thing to keep in mind – you don’t need to have a great photo studio for taking photos for your eBay items. Just a nice plain white background will do it. even if you have to throw down a sheet or whatever, nobody wants to see your appliances around so get a nice plain white background.

Turn off your camera flash

You should turn off camera flash. on camera flash its going to make your item look flat, its going to be hotspots on the item, nasty reflections and generally lose a lot of details so turn that off.

alternatively you can use CFL lamps on both sides it will be much better for lighting.

Gallery Shots

Next thing to keep in mind when you are taking photos of actual item be sure to get nice gallery shots which peoples are going to see first and don’t forget about taking close-ups. show as much details as possible including if there are any damage to the product (you don’t want to surprise customers when the item shows up at their door and cause any trouble)

Use a Ruler

Its hard to tell how big something is from just watching photos. its a good idea to use a ruler or scaling device right next to your product take a nice photo of this and it can give a clear idea of the product. there’s a lot you can do with photos but this can get you started.

If you still find trouble with eBay guidelines for images you can contact us, we can help you with images cleaning up compatible with eBay or if you have old photos of product which you don’t want to take photos again you can just send us these images and we will clean it up to nice clean white background. we can also help you with listing eBay items.

Outsource ecommerce Data Entry

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Consumers became a lot of familiar with making purchases on-line. so as to capitalize upon this trend, it’s completely essential to supply a digital technique for sales that is simple and straightforward to movement.

Ecommerce product entry outsourcing is a backbone to any organization big or small; ecommerce data entry is the lifeline of any on-line store. Without any useful data information about products, it’s merely not possible to find customers therefore you may end up with no profit for your organization. Ingenious and updated data information gives all the back support for keeping the business in line. Data entry workers operating as a virtual ecommerce resolution supply has masses to supply. It’s the long term growth dynamics of the corporate lies.

Ecommerce data entry outsourcing is just the outsourcing data entry work to 3rd party for obtaining the task done in a quick and a reasonable manner. It’s the best way to get your major information born-again into digital format that can be used by your shoppers. By outsourcing the data entry work to India Designs, the corporate ensures high level of productivity in their core space of operation and this brings extraordinarily high level of potency.

The range of ecommerce data entry outsourcing includes:

  • Preparing product descriptions, features and specifications
  • Adding product description, features and specifications
  • Cleaning up and adding images to products
  • Organize products according to categories and subcategories
  • Adding Prices: Product pricing, Vendor price and Shipping Price
  • Adding options, variations (if any) to products
  • Adding new products

India Designs now own many years of experience in e-commerce product data entry and has provided clients with the skills to complete projects of any industry. Whether it is school furniture products, apparel product, ebay retailer or any manufacturing equipments, India Design can fulfill your requirements of online data entry

Volusion Catalogue Data Entry and Product Image Clean-up

October 4th, 2009 3 comments

Our team at India Design started working on Volusion back in mid of 2007 when one of our ongoing client planned to migrate their Yahoo based store to Volusion. Our team of 3 initially was hired to learn this shopping cart. We spent couple of weeks exploring this shopping cart and fell in love with it for several reasons specially the “dropdown_smartmatch” option for various product options which keeps track on the available inventories and let the user select for what you have available on store. as far as small business is concerned, I am sure Volusion is still on top of the list.

Since we are mostly working with Volusion based websites in variety of different departments, including Design, Inventory, Order Processing, Marketing and SEO, I thought, perhaps it’s a good idea to write something about our volusion based data entry, catalog processing and image clean-up service.

This is how we work in volusion interface
Enter product data on your Volusion ecommerce website:

  1. Product preparation for listing from your provided information or reference websites.
  2. Prepare the images and do the needful modifications like: image clean-up, background transparent or clean to white background, crop image, optimize image, remove backgrounds and change to white, ensure image is clear and good
  3. Creation of meta titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions for each product
  4. Provide you ftp server for easy transfer of data
  5. product research from competitor sites to check prices and some details
  6. enter the data into an excel spreadsheet and upload the data this way to ensure speed
  7. to use the administration panel for live product data entry
  8. Creation of status reports
  9. We have experience doing product data entry and excel uploads/downloads on Volusion.
  10. We are able to have a detailed telephone conversation in English with you and your customers regarding product or issue

Images clean up is a part of product data entry while we are entering product information. Images are most important part of a product which needs to be cleaned up to look a lot better to the customer.

We are a choice of very affordable ecommerce data Entry Company to enter your product information carefully. We understand the responsibility of this job and the value of customer relation. Our primary objective is to attract your customers on your ecommerce store by providing our quality of work.

Hire us and see the difference how things were and how they are now.

Product Data Entry

September 27th, 2009 2 comments

Product Data Entry
E-Commerce data entry is the lifeline of any online shopping store. Without any readily usable data, it is simply impossible to get customers attention. A resourceful and updated data gives all the background support for keeping the business in line. If you’re trying to sell products or services at a business or commercial website your store must be update with full range of new products. It grabs attention to your online store and gets the best results.
We can convert your paper catalogs to the electronic format, update your online catalogs and also build web-based catalogs from scratch. This involves catalog processing online data entry of your papers or catalogs.
E-Commerce data entry outsourcing is simply the outsourcing of data entry job to third party for getting the job done in a fast and an affordable manner. It is the ideal way to get your major data converted into digital format that can be used for easy peruse by your clients. By outsourcing the data entry work to third party, the company ensures high level of productivity in their core area of operation and this brings extremely high level of efficiency.
We offer normally a continuous process for online stores (ecommerce), in terms of adding new products, revising prices periodically, deleting old models, new and existing models auditing and so on. We have professional data entry operators and graphic designers to perform on online store managing work.
Apart from the usual benefits stored in E-Commerce data entry outsourcing, the company lending outsourcing services to other data entry companies, gets back the accurate and synchronized normal as well as image editing documents, lined up in synchronous manner.
If you are in Need for ecommerce Data Entry or product data entry for your website and looking to Outsource: Online Store Product Data Entry consider our data entry services for best results
Working with India-designs your data is safe and secure we keep all our client information confidential.

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Importance of SEO in Ecommerce

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The purpose of any business website is to promote a product or service online. The purpose of an ecommerce website is to take it one step further and to allow your visitors to purchase your products or services directly from your website. If your website provides all the information that the buyer would want, you can save significant money in sales time spent in that the visitor can find all the information they need to decide to buy from you without taking up your time or that of one of your sales staff. But ecommerce sites have a serious drawback as well; very few of them can be properly indexed by search engine spiders and thus will fail to rank highly.

A non-ecommerce website may have the disadvantage on not being able to take the visitor’s money the second they want to spend it, however if it can be found on the first page of the search engines while your beautifully designed ecommerce site sits on page eight, the advantage is theirs. The vast majority of visitors will never get to see your site, let alone buy from you, whereas a non-ecommerce site may lose sales because they don’t sell online but at least they’re able to deliver their message to an audience to begin with. So what can be done?

Two key things can be: the shopping cart you select and to hire a professional SEO company.

SEO & Shopping Carts

The biggest problem with many SEO-friendly ecommerce solutions is that they are created after the initial product. Shopping cart systems such as Miva Merchant and OS Commerce are not designed with the primary goal of creating pages that will be well-received by the search engine spiders. Most shopping cart systems out there today are not in-and-of-themselves even spiderable and require 3rd party add-ons to facilitate even the lowest form of SEO-friendliness. The money you may have saved in choosing an inexpensive shopping cart may very well end up costing you your business in the long run, especially if you are using your shopping cart as the entire site, which we have seen may times in the past.

What Can Be Done?

There are essentially two solutions to this problem. The first is to create a front-end site separate from the shopping cart. What this will effectively do is create a number of pages that can be easily spidered (assuming that they’re well designed). The drawback to this course of action is that your website will forever be limited to the size of the front-end site. Which brings us to the second option: choose a search engine friendly shopping cart system.

Finding an SEO company is far easier said than done. We, at India Designs, take care of all these important aspects of SEO for Internet Promotion of your e-commerce website and try our best to take your website to the height where you can get more customers and make the money you always want to.

We prefer to leave this website promotion task to specialists SEO company and concentrate fully with more important aspect of your business, i.e., sales and marketing.